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UniJon & the light

An amazing photograph by our dear friend Móa Hjartardóttir

UniJon sing in the House

Photo session we did with Móa Hjartardóttir in the House in Eyrarbakki. That is the oldest house in the southern region and in it is one of the first pianos to arrive to iceland :)

Autumn music

Playng by the sea in Eyrarbakki. Photography by Móa Hjartardóttir.


UniJon in an amazing photo by Móa Hjartardóttir

Morning rain

Graphics from our newly released album Morning rain. Photography by Thelma Gunnarsdóttir

Morning Rain

This picture is a part of our music video for the song Morning Rain..


Uni&Jón Tryggvi playing for the good people of Eyrarbakki and some ghosts of history as well in the maritime museum…

New music!

Listen to our new album, Morning rain!!!


Uni has her own website here!

Uni is also a Sound healer, Flower-remedy therapist, Fortune teller and Priestess. Go to her site to get more information! Here is also a great way to get access to her 2009 solo album "Enchanted" !!


Upcoming shows!

Here is a great place to see when we are playing and where!


Jón Tryggvi also has a running website

Here is a great place to look into Jón's first album "Silkimjúk er syndin" or " The Sin is Soft as Silk" he is also building a landscape photo gallery there ....

18th Mar 2014

Back in Denmark!

We are back in Denmark feeling relaxed and cared for yet again with our dear friends Dorthe and Flemming. We have some shows here and look forward seeing you there!...

06th Mar 2014

From our Prinz Willy show in Kiel!

We have no Idea if this is a good review but we trust that they were kind to us Tweet

04th Mar 2014

Playing in Germany is wonderful

So we have been playing some gigs here in Germany. We started out in Hamburg and played a couple of gigs there. Then we were of to Kiel to play...

24th Feb 2014

Hamburg gig day.

We had a wonderful day in Hamburg with our dear friend Torben Eckloff. We started the day with wonderful eggs & bacon and headed for our first gig. Then Torben...

19th Feb 2014

We are on our way!!

Að are finishing our packing and getting ready for our spring tour of Germany Tweet

05th Feb 2014

Muzyka Islandzka

Here you can look at the good reviews   Recently a Polish site called www.muzykaislandzka.pl posted a wonderful review about UniJon and Morning Rain. It is in Polish but with the help...

13th Dec 2013

We did a live stream show in Madrid!!

We had a blast playing in front of a camera and the Noise off festival crew check it out Tweet

10th Dec 2013

Some pics

Here are some pics :)

12th Nov 2013

Time is fun…

when you are having flies!

03rd Nov 2013

Hamburg, Stellshagen, Möln and Berlin

The concert in Filmraum was really good and we got really good attention from the audience.