Departing Iceland…

So we sailed in Norröna  to Hirsthals Denmark. We started out from Öndverðarnes close to Selfoss Iceland at 6:00 Am on Wednesday. We had a long but beautiful drive to Seyðisfjörður (616km). We had a nice room in the ship with view to die for! DSCN0102The first night at sea was a bit …wavy and we really felt that we were in a small metal tub in the immensely big and powerful sea. Uni had been farsighted enough to put on a sea sickness patch but Jón decided to see if he had the seaman’s genes and took no such precautions. Happily he seems to have the stomach for the sea. We landed in Thorshavn in the Faeroe islands on Thursday and had about 5 hours of strolling around that charming city.DSCN0173 The second night was much less wavy and we felt we were sailing on much calmer waters. Nice..

We landed in Hirsthals on the Saturday morning and took the longest possible road trip in Denmark! From Hirsthals to Dronningsmølle :) Below are selected pictures from our travels these past days but I’m of to have dinner with our lovely hosts Dorthe and Flemming ;)