Hamburg, Stellshagen, Möln and Berlin



So we have been around since we last wrote here. We left from Flensburg to Hamburg to meet up with our now dear friend Torben who aranged conserts for us in Hamburg and Stellshagen. The concert in Filmraum was really good and we got really good attention from the audience. Next we went to Möln to hava a really cosy time with Torben and his lovely wife Ulrike or Rike as she is called in their  wonderful


Then we went to stay with Torbens mother who is also named Ulrike in her wonderful place in the country site. There we did a house concert in a wonderful dome construction where she does healing work. The next day we went to Hotel Gutshaus Stellshagen to have a naked sauna with our audience later same night. They say that if you are stressed when performing just imagine your audience naked…. We didn’t have to imagine at all.  The gig in Hotel Gutshaus Stellshagen was with the Hotel Bard Thomas Kunz. He played  a few songs and then we played a few and so on. Great fun! Now we are in Berlin and have been for the last few days. We had a wonderful gig in a place called Soupa Nova on Wednesday and then we played a gig on Friday. We have a gig tonight at a place called Mein Haus am See. Whe have been staying with freinds here in berling. The first couple of nights we stayed with and old friend of Uni named Claas but now we are staying with Jóns old friend Oddur Snær..

We are having a great time here in Germany but soon we head South….