Iceland Airwaves time

Although Uni&Jón Tryggvi aren’t playing officially on the Iceland Airwaves music festival we are playing a few off-venue gigs .. We are staying in town for a few days. It’s always a fun thing even though it’s  a bit stressful. But music is flowing everywhere in Reykjavík and enthusiastic music lovers are all over the place.

Just now I am (Jón Tryggvi) sitting in a nice cafe called Haiti sipping on coffee and waiting for the first gig to take place. It is an off off-venue gig in galleri dunga across the street.

The winter has come to take it’s place with furious winds from the north, blowing away the last tender leaves from trees that were perhaps hoping that this year they would keep their cloak. It seems summer was here yesterday.. The good thing is that spring will be here just as soon. anyways… life goes on in it’s own rhythm…  our rhythm..