Life is good

We have been so lucky to be staying with our friends Dorthe and Flemming in Dronningmølle. They have put us up in they’re brand new guest house that has a wonderful sky window so we can gaze at the stars. We feel very loved and well taken cared of. Yesterday we played our first gig in Copenhagen and had a good time in Tjili pop. We vere a bit stressed taking a gig with such little notice and having to drive for the first time by our selves to the big city of Copenhagen. Tjili pop have these songwriters nights every Wednesday and we were lucky enough  to get a slot with short notice. The crowd was a bit tough but we won through and got people to join in our space :) Jón was really happy to meet up his old friend Ella Magga who has been living in Copenhagen for the pas ten years, so the night was very speciall to Jón.

We forgot our cameras in our stress to drive to Copenhagen but we will soon load up more pictures :)

Tomorrow the 4th of October we will be playing in a Book reception please come if you have time to :)


Love and light to ya’ll