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Recently a Polish site called posted a wonderful review about UniJon and Morning Rain. It is in Polish but with the help of Google Translate we were able to understand. We are quite thankful for the wonderful work of Marcin Kozicki (who runs the site) for his passion for Icelandic music.

Here you can read the original review in Polish.


Here is a translation of the review!



Album cover UniJon entitled ” Morning Rain “is adorned with a photo of a couple kissing. He – tall dark man with a beard and long hair, dressed in a white shirt and a vest. She – petite blonde in a white dress with intricately decorated with a tiara on her head superimposed.

Couple feels happy, in love and married couple. This photo captures a special way this unique love intoxication and this special day.

On the other side of the cover is a
dedication: ” This album is dedicated to the now and the joy within it . ”

Symbolic seems to be the name of “team” because UniJon is nothing but a combination of the names of characters from a photo, or musicians creating this musical duo. Uni and Jon Tryggvi . Merged their music, life, and finally love. Or maybe the order was different?

” Morning Rain “is the debut album of this couple under the banner UniJon . Musicians, however, created a lot of music before, spending a solo albums. By this time they were close to each other …

Jon Tryggvi is an Icelandic singer-songwriter with a rich baggage of life experience that cared to him in the past quite harshly. First, an accident, a result of which he lost his sight in one eye, then struggled with alcohol problems. He overcame the adversity, however. Revalued their lives. He started making music, he opened up to people and the environment.It is characterized by a positive attitude and optimism. In all this is primarily a natural and authentic. This is reflected in his honest lyrics. Jon explores themes related to human emotions and feelings. He sings about love, fear, fears, addiction, but always with a message which contains a certain hope and joy.His music is very inspiring and describes the heart of the young Icelander who loves his country and his people. His debut solo album ” Silkimjúk er syndin “(called” The sin is soft as silk “) had its premiere in 2009. Jon recorded this album along with five other musicians. The composition of the team was also present Uni , who gave up on him vocally.

It is interesting that a solo album Uni ” Enchanted “premiered exactly two weeks later. You do not need to add that in the composition of the team also had its place , Jon , who mainly played guitar. ( By the way, that in 9 seater composition involved in the recording of this album was also well known and liked us Myrra Rós Þrastardóttir ).

Uni educated from an early age in the direction of the music. Studied, among others, in New Mexico at The College of Santa Fé. Uni especially loved wearing nature of Iceland, but also inspiring for her desert of New Mexico, where she spent a few years.

But back to the album UniJon ” Morning Rain “, which was released in September 2013.

Musicians define their music as acoustic folk. The sound of the album attribute the resultant impacts associated with the uniqueness of Iceland, as well as the inspiration of European and American folk music. Although the basic core in this case are the vocals and acoustic guitar, a sense of spice, romance and adventure of music add ukulele and drums.

UniJon explain that create their music, in order to survive the dark and harrowing Icelandic winter. They joined forces in a common UniJon to deepen your contact with the world through music. They look at their music as something that can be treated. They want to treat yourself, the people who listen to them and the whole world.

This approach also romantic and what their music.Playing style presented by UniJon require the contractor of special concern, writing skills catchy melodies and focus attention on yourself. Otherwise, quite easy to fall into cliché, come close to kitsch, or simply bore the listener. It seems to me that the ” Morning Rain “, however, is not in danger.

Of course, that anyone who would want to find in ” Morning Rain “some minuses, can accuse that for calm and monotematycznie, or that the texts sometimes sugary and naive, but I think” romantic folk “by UniJon falls convincingly.Weapons of authenticity and sincerity, and good melodies and interesting compositions. Well is also an acoustic guitar, as well as supporting its wording ukulele and drums.

Love Uni and Jon blooms and turns into a beautiful music that can move a lot of hearts. This captivating as the couple can understand each other and feel. The angelic timbre Uni , who sings with a special sensitivity, curiously intertwined with the warm and deep voice of Jon and, whether in dialogues or in dwugłosach. UniJon music is created with a big heart.