Playing in Germany is wonderful

So we have been playing some gigs here in Germany. We started out in Hamburg and played a couple of gigs there. Then we were of to Kiel to play some more. We were so lucky to be invited to stay with wonderful gentleman Bernd Küenzer in a small town called Stein. Bernd took really good care of us, fed us and we had wonderful conversations with this lovely person who works diligently for the folk scene in the area.

We played a house concert in his living room and we were quite well received.

Then we did a  gig in Kiel at Prinz Willy’s great place and had a blast.

Then we headed to play at LandArt, a wonderful venue close to Flensburg that offers musicians a big stage and a warm welcome. Wunderbar!!

It has been a wonderful time here in Germany so far and we look forward to our following gigs. You can see where they are here