Time is fun…

when you are having flies! That being said we are sorry for the few posts so far but time spent on the rode it quite time consuming and internet access isn’t always apart of the deal. How ever! Since We were in lovely Berlin we’ve been in Minden where we once again experienced the wonderful hospitality of friends. This time from Jón’s old friends Vignir, Berglind and their lovely son Ari. We stayed for a couple of nights there but decided to put Paris in our Navigator and ended up in a small, middle of nowhere town, Hotton…. In Belgium…. After driving around different Hotels (One where they were frying massive amounts of fries for what ever reason in a town of hundreds) we found a nice little B&B. From there we headed to Nointot to find the lovely free spirited couple Zine & Agnes who welcomed us by their huge fireplace and even bigger hospitality. Zine is a wonderful percussionist and he played wonderful middle eastern drum songs for us while the fire crackled, magical!!! After two nights we headed, by yet another accident, to Chartres where we also spent two nights. The Cathedral there is an enormous gothic carved dragon of a church that dwarfs all other houses in Chartres. The Church is built on an ancient Druid grotto and has been a holy place since before written history. Very Powerful. We are headin now to a small town called Marisolan were we are going to do yoga and relax in exchange for a little work and help around the Yoga ashram.. Looking forward to that Yay!!! The adventure goes on…. Cheers!!