„Uni sees adventure in all things and for that reason she makes the great songwriter she is. Her first solo album, Enchanted, bears that mark well, for the songs are truly enchanting. Angels come to mind when she sings, for her pure voice and the dynamics of it reach out and

touch your very core.“

Uni is born in Reykjavik, Iceland. She has studied music from a very young age and studied composition at the Contemporary Music Program at The College of Santa Fé, NM in the USA.

Uni´s first solo album “Enchanted” came out in Iceland in December of 2009. The album includes 12 songs, one song is by Baldvin Freyr Þorsteinsson and one by Andres Larusson, but the other ones are all by Uni herself. Uni also wrote all the lyrics on her album.

Uni loves nature and Iceland has been a huge inspiration on her music. She also spent some years in the desert of New Mexico and says that has affected her music permanently.

Musicians performing on the album:

  • Uni – Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Handdrums
  • Jón Tryggvi Unnarsson – Guitar and vocals
  • Baldvin Freyr Þorsteinsson – Guitar
  • Andrés Lárusson – Bass
  • Önundur Hafsteinn Pálsson – Drums and Percussion
  • Myrra Rós Þrastardóttir – Vocals
  • Ásgeir Guðmundsson – Percussion in Engill
  • Aldís Elva Róbertsdóttir – Vocals in Rain
  • Hugrún Tinna Róbertsdóttir – Vocals in Rain

The album was recorded at Tankurinn in Flateyri by Önundur Hafsteinn Pálsson.