Silkimjúk er syndin

Jón Tryggvi’s début album Silkimjúk er syndin (The sin is soft as silk)


Jón Tryggvi´s music is best described with the name of his début album “Silkimjúk er syndin” or in English “The sin is soft as silk” Easy, bluesy and honest.

Jon Tryggvi is an Icelandic singer/songwriter. His honest poetry and skilful guitar playing has captured Icelanders over the past years. Being blind on one eye after a horrible accident and struggling with alcoholism in his younger years he really has something important to share. His music is really inspiring and describes the heart of a young Icelander that loves his country and his people. His début album is in Icelandic but he is working on his second album that will be in all English. The themes of his lyrics are often human feelings or impulses like love, fear, obsession and addiction but always with the message of hope and some kind of joy.


Musicians performing on the album:


  • Jón Tryggvi: Vocals, Aucustic&electric guitar
  • Óskar Þormarsson: Drums
  • Brynjar Páll Björnsson: Bass
  • Halldór Smárason: Hammond, accordion, piano & wurlitzer
  • Önundur Hafsteinn Pálsson: Percussion
  • Uni: Backing vocals

The album was recorded at Tankurinn in Flateyri by Önundur Hafsteinn Pálsson
Graphic design: Marino Thorlacius