We are having a wonderful time :)

Our time in Flensburg has been great! Thanks Mira Blaschofsky and Ulli Versum who have been helping us with arranging the gigs here abbots and we have been so lucky to be able to stay in Mira’s apartment in Flensburg. We have been having a blast playing gigs in The Boat that Rocks, Utgard, Land-Art, Tableau Kulturcafé and Cafe Prinz Willy in Kiel. We have been very well received and feel very blessed to have been able to play our songs to such wonderful audiences here in Germany. We have been noticing how wonderful germans are in their daily lives, friendly, warm and easy with their smiles. We look forwards to our next gig in Hamburg.


These couple of weeks have been so nice for a couple of Icelanders, We have never experienced such a long and mild autumn. In iceland it is done in a week or so. The trees turn their colors and the next day we have a storm that blows the leaves out to the sea. Here in Denmark and Germany it has been subtle like a soft but chewy toffee. Something to enjoy. Our plan is to keep touring in Germany and then perhaps got to Luxembourg where we may have a gig. After that… we head south :)